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Bathroom selfie, because I’m Olivia’s mom .

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Olivia being emotionally supportive while her brother gets ready for his school dance.

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Ling Ling bathing…….in the bathtub.

scottswords Serious question: How often do people walk into their PCP with one of these antibiotic resistant superbugs? Aren't they mostly being found, and therefore being created, in hospitals?

Bacteria carry a gene that can allow themselves to become resistant to antibiotics, and they can actually pass this gene from one bacteria to another. That’s how the superbugs are formed. So many people will receive a prescription for an antibiotic to take twice a day for seven days, and then stop taking it after four days because they feel so much better. Well, the antibiotic has had time to kill some of the bacteria, but not all of the bacteria. So when the person starts feeling bad again, they just take the rest of the bottle, but there are only a few pills left, and those aren’t enough to kill what’s blown back up into a full-fledged infection. Or, they might save those leftover pills and use them when they think they have a UTI, and that particular antibiotic may not be.the right kind of antibiotic for a UTI, as well as only being a partial prescription.
Another problem is overuse of antibiotics. Some people will go to the doctor and insist on being given an antibiotic when they might be sick with a virus. Of course, the MD should refuse to give them one and explain why they don’t need it, but I’m sure many give them a script just to shut them up!
You see MRSA and VRE much more often in the hospital, because of the immunocompromised population. But, believe it or not, hospital acquired is much easier to treat than community acquired MRSA and VRE. When that stuff gets out in the community it kills people.

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